How to be a Hyper Efficient Scalable Organization in 5 Easy Steps

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It is more important than ever for businesses to become lean and efficient in order to keep a competitive edge in today’s market. With profit margins getting thinner and costs growing, it behooves a business to engage in the technology that is available to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Below are five simple steps that you can take to become leaner and more competitive


Go paperless; paper is costly, cumbersome to file and difficult to find once filed. Filing cabinets take up real estate as well. PDF is today’s paper. Send PDF instead of paper, and encourage everyone to do the same. PDF also has an easy search function that enables you to find any document quickly. There is a free PDF writer available called Cute PDF writer. This works very well.

Other suggestions are : Sign contracts digitally. You can drag & drop your signature and e-mail it back. Convert your fax line to a fax to e-mail. Invest in a high speed scanner to digitize all your paper documents. Capture and file receipts digitally with your smart phone’s camera.

Cloud Based Services:

Google Apps, MS Office 365, Sales Force, and Wave Accounting are some of the “cloud” services that we use. You can eliminate your internal IT infrastructure and go with hosted and custom solutions, but it takes planning and organization. The benefit is less costly IT investment and the ability to work from any web enabled device anytime and anywhere.


Outsource tasks that are not strategic. This gives you the flexibility to scale up or down as demand for your business fluctuates. i.e.: outsource your bookkeeping but keep your CFO. It is important that the outsourced staff is integrated into your company’s culture and communication system in order to get the best results.


Today it is easier than ever to implement a telecommuting platform for your business. There are many VoIP phone systems today that are easy to use for telecommuting.  This will enable you to reduce the costs of your office space and parking; as well as expanding the reach of where you can recruit staff. One consideration is to have an internal chat system as well. This will become your “water cooler” and allow your staff to create relationships, provide a social outlet, and provide a means to seek assistance in completing tasks if needed.

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