About Us

We are a partnership of strategic business solutions providers. We started this service in the belief that business owners need somewhere that they can go to, where they can find honest and trustworthy consultations about their IT needs, telephone needs, and infrastructure requirements.

A business person is focused on their business. When it comes to computers and business telephone systems, they are required to be an expert to make the right decision on what is the best technology for them. Too often we have found that businesses are misadvised, oversold, or just not serviced properly.

We have been taking care of businesses for over two decades. Our team of contractors and technicians are certified and fully trained from wiring to implementing servers and computer networks and telephone systems.

Our focus is providing value to Calgary businesses by providing the right solutions at a reasonable investment.

We take pride in offering solutions that work for you. We ally ourselves with several different vendors so that we may provide you with the best fit for your business. Your success is our success. We are fairly new in Calgary and we want to grow our business.To do that we provide service that is second to none. We are building our business on our relationships with businesses like yours. Our growth comes from referrals from businesses like yours. We would like nothing more than to have you become one of those customers who will share with your peers how good we are and that we’ve provided you with good value.

In these pages we cover three fundamental technologies that a business needs. We can bring several other solutions to your business as well: power management, ISP’s and telephone trunking, web page design and marketing.

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